Quality Control Measures

Quality is at the core of every natural health product manufactured by GFR Pharma. In addition to a comprehensive Quality Assurance program, GFR Pharma’s employees follow strict Quality Control Measures in every aspect of the production process. You can be assured of the manufacture of high-quality, regulation-compliant natural health products at GFR Pharma due to the following Quality Control Measures in place.

Formula Control Measures

Once a formulation is finalized, the information is entered into our system and locked. Changes to the formula or manufacturing processes require five management sign-offs to ensure that products cannot be changed without all departments involved authorizing the revision. The Sales department also obtains a customer’s approval before any change is made.

A Bill of Materials, which includes a Master Formula, is created and carefully followed for the manufacturing, packaging and labeling of each product. The Bill of Materials is reviewed and approved by the Quality Department when each new order is received and used to generate manufacturing work orders.

Raw Material Control Procedures

High-quality raw materials are the foundation of a natural health product. Before a raw material is used it is sampled, inspected and sent to accredited third-party laboratories for all necessary chemical and microbiological testing. Our Quality Control Team only releases materials for use in production upon compliance with the established specifications and criteria. This assures that no substandard, rejected, expired or obsolete material is used during production.

Material control procedures also allow for effective raw material traceability which is essential for guaranteeing product quality and health claims. We have a close rapport with our preferred suppliers who understand our quality requirements and work with us to assure materials meet our high standards.

Manufacturing Procedures

Manufacturing procedures are established for each individual product. Throughout the manufacturing and packaging stages there are in-process checks to make sure all products are being manufactured to meet specified parameters. Standard Operating Procedures govern each manufacturing operation and are routinely reviewed to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality. Line clearances and room clean up are done at the conclusion of each run, preventing cross-contamination and product mix-up.

Label Control Procedures

Label control procedures are in place for receiving and inspecting labels. Labels are checked for accuracy and are placed in limited access storage. All labelling materials are identified by a distinctive code and received against a unique lot number to ensure accuracy. Obsolete or inaccurate labels are destroyed to ensure that products are not mislabeled.

Finished Product Testing

Finished product testing is carried out by certified third-party laboratories as required by the client. To comply with Canadian regulations, every natural health product available for sale in the Canadian market must meet minimum testing requirements.

We can arrange testing for your products with accredited third-party laboratories to ensure they meet identity, purity and potency standards. Due to the volume of samples we send regularly, we have strong relationships with our contract laboratories, which results in quick turn-around time and competitive pricing. Our Quality Control team reviews all lab results and ensures that released products meet the established specifications.

When you partner with GFR Pharma, you can be assured of high quality products that have been manufactured following Standard Operating Procedures in a facility registered with Health Canada for compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices.


Great first experience manufacturing my product with GFR. I am definitely going to be utilizing your services in the future for more of our products and look forward to our next project with you. Thanks again!
We appreciate our relationship with GFR. From QC to communications, we have found working with GFR to be a pleasure, highlighted by excellent communications and reliable delivery dates. Thank you.
Michael BentleySierraSil Health Inc.
We cannot wait any longer to express our appreciation for your help during our production process.

We thank you for your professional suggestions and the quick responses to every question we have had; you have been so patient in helping us with every one of our inquiries.

Your guidance throughout the entire product development and production is a tremendous support to us.
In all my years, I can honestly say, no other company I have ever worked with has provided me with such an unparalleled level of care and service. Literally, GFR Pharma has provided my company with the best level of service I have ever experienced. You are that good, that efficient, that professional.

If there was a problem, it was fixed. If there was a challenge, it was met. If there was a deadline, it was met.

It’s time for an official thank you.
I always prefer to make our products at GFR if possible, because I am confident with your product quality and service for us.

We are growing well steadily in the Korean market and so orders are continuous and items keep increasing.

I really hope to work closely with GFR with most of our products.
James T.President
Please forward my sincere gratitude to the GFR team. You guys are seriously, seriously on-it!
Chris GFounder