Stick Pack Packaging

GFR Pharma offers stick packs as a natural health product packaging option so you can provide your customers with on-the-go nutrition. These slim sticks are easy to open and pour, and use less packaging than traditional pouch packaging.

This portable packaging option is most often used when a supplement is designed to be added to a water bottle before consumption. Popular applications for stick packs are powders to create weight management aids, energy drinks, sports nutrition supplements, vitamin waters or added flavor.

Stick Pack Manufacturing Capabilities

GFR Pharma can manufacture stick packs containing as little as 2 grams and up to around 6 grams depending on the density of the powder. Our GMP-compliant manufacturing facility can produce up to 50,000 stick packs per day in a variety of sizes and materials.

Full Service Stick Packaging Contract Manufacturer

As a full-service contract manufacturer, GFR Pharma can help companies with sourcing raw ingredients, developing compatible formulas and blending the powder needed to fill the stick packs. Our team of industry experts can assist brands in formulating powders that mix well, are visually attractive and flavorful.

Powdered supplements are one of the hardest natural health products to develop because they need to have a pleasant taste and mouth-feel. Our experienced research and development scientists will work with you to create a great-tasting powder that easily mixes with liquids to your customer’s satisfaction. GFR Pharma’s technical advisors can assist with film options for the product packaging, optimize powder fill levels, and correctly size secondary packaging such as cartons to hold multiple stick packs.

GFR Pharma holds a number of Natural Health Product industry certifications and can produce Organic supplements, kosher natural health products or products containing dairy for export. GFR Pharma will work with your regulatory partner to ensure compliance with the country you wish to sell in. GFR Pharma is experienced in manufacturing stick pack supplements for Canadian, U.S. and global markets.

Consumers are demanding convenience and brands who can offer their products in portable single-serve containers will gain a competitive advantage.

Expand your brand line with stick pack packaging


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