Pouch Packaging

GFR Pharma offers pouching as a packaging option for single or multi-dose packets of powders, tablets or capsules. Pouches are a convenient way to package supplements and natural health products and are a way to expand your market share by meeting consumer’s needs for conveniently packaged options.

Pouch Packaging Applications

A popular application for pouches is single servings of powders or capsules ideal for portability and consumer convenience. Brands can create multi-packs of various tablets and capsules that conveniently hold a day’s worth of health supplements that work in a synergistic manner.

Providing samples of your products in a cost-effective way is made possible with single-serve pouches.

Consumers are demanding convenience and brands who can offer their products in portable single-serve containers will gain a competitive advantage.

Filling & Pouching Capabilities

Pouch sizes can vary according to the needs of the product; GFR Pharma’s machine tooling can be configured to produce a wide range of sizes and shapes. Pouches can hold up to 60 grams of powder depending on the density, and up to 10 capsules or tablets.

GFR Pharma’s GMP compliant facility has the capability to pouch up to 15,000 units per day in various materials.

GFR Pharma also manufactures stick packs which contain small fills up to 6 grams

Full Service Supplement Pouch Packaging Contract Manufacturer

As a full-service contract manufacturer, GFR Pharma can help companies with sourcing raw ingredients, developing compatible formulas and blending the powder or producing tablets and capsules needed to fill pouches. Our team of industry experts can assist brands in formulating supplements in a variety of formats.

GFR Pharma’s technical advisors can assist with film options for the product packaging, optimize fill levels, and correctly size secondary packaging such as cartons to hold multiple pouches.

GFR Pharma holds a number of Natural Health Product industry certifications and can produce Organic supplements, kosher natural health products or products containing dairy for export. GFR Pharma will work with your regulatory partner to ensure compliance with the country you wish to sell in. GFR Pharma is experienced in manufacturing natural health products and packaging supplements in pouches for Canadian, U.S. and global markets.

Expand your brand line with pouch packaging


We appreciate our relationship with GFR. From QC to communications, we have found working with GFR to be a pleasure, highlighted by excellent communications and reliable delivery dates. Thank you.
Michael BentleySierraSil Health Inc.
Great first experience manufacturing my product with GFR. I am definitely going to be utilizing your services in the future for more of our products and look forward to our next project with you. Thanks again!
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I always prefer to make our products at GFR if possible, because I am confident with your product quality and service for us.

We are growing well steadily in the Korean market and so orders are continuous and items keep increasing.

I really hope to work closely with GFR with most of our products.
James T.President
We cannot wait any longer to express our appreciation for your help during our production process.

We thank you for your professional suggestions and the quick responses to every question we have had; you have been so patient in helping us with every one of our inquiries.

Your guidance throughout the entire product development and production is a tremendous support to us.
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