Product Development Services

GFR Pharma is an established full service manufacturer of natural health products. When you manufacture your supplements with GFR Pharma you have access to a number of value-added services that help you get your natural health product to market. GFR offers unparalleled customer service, transparency and quality to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Formulating Assistance

Whether you come to us with a base formula, or want to modify an existing natural health product, GFR Pharma can work with you to turn your ideas and concepts into a retail-ready product.

Raw Material Sourcing

Let us help you with sourcing quality ingredients for your natural health product. GFR has strategic partnerships with raw material suppliers allowing us to purchase ingredients at the best cost while maintaining high quality standards.

Technical Guidance

Our years in the natural health field have given us experience in all aspects of development and production. The GFR team is ready to answer your questions and assist with important decisions to help you avoid costly mistakes and resulting delays.

Packaging Graphics Support

Our graphic design team will work with your graphic designer to help you meet print specifications.  We can review your labels to ensure that your product formula matches the label artwork and recommend label and film printing companies.

Industry Market Research

To ensure your product’s success, you need access to the latest market research. Our team of industry experts keeps up-to-date with market trends in the natural health products market and can guide your brand to create in-demand supplements.

Regulatory Compliance Aid

The GFR team can help you avoid delays to market with our comprehensive understanding of the health supplements industry. We manufacture for companies world-wide and GFR’s wealth of experience can help you navigate the complicated rules.